Tuesday, 11 March 2014


How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

The main source of my research was the internet because this gave me asses to websites like YouTube, vevo and vimeo. And this was mainly used to research other music videos by bands and artists similar to mine. Google was the main source because I research the entire theorist using it and I also researched the codes and conventions of my genre and how it could be applicable to my music video. I also used youtube along with google to research the bands and other ancillary texts they’ve done and how it was similar to what I wanted to do.

Social media sites like  facebook, twitter and tumblr to research and see how the bands were connecting with their fans and how the ancillary text was advertised to their audience using social media. I blogged everything as I researched so that when pre-production began I would know what to reference and what aspect of the video should follow certain conventions.

I didn’t use a lot of media technologies when it came to planning because I worked solo and for me planning took place everywhere and anywhere and at all times. I was always thinking about the different ideas I could use and how things I see can be related to my music video. When I taught of an idea I wrote them down on a note pad I always carried and I recorded  and brain stormed different ideas and different scenes I could add to my music video. Finally before production I took all those ideas together and made a storyboard that will guide me when I began making my music video

Production (pre and post)
The predominant use of media technologies was during the production stage because this stage was when I was bringing my idea to life. I used a flip camera for filming some scenes and I also used an underwater camera to film the scene with the blood spill under water. I used my phone to film the scenes with the girl because I wanted it to seem like a homemade footage and since she was a teenager, I figured that teenagers use their phones for almost everything and in real life the suicidal teenager is more likely to film her suicide message with her mobile phone. Using a phone to film those scenes made it more real and it could make the audience relate to it better. Using a high tech camera will make the audience feign the emotion they get from the scenes.

For editing I used Final Cut Pro and manipulated the pace of the video to suite the music. I also used photoshop to make the digipak and the poster. Initially there were some effects I wanted on the digipak but I was unable to do them so I did some research on Google and was finally able to do them and I used them for the inner panel of the digipak.




Friday, 14 February 2014


After reviewing the second draft of my music video, i've decided to take the idea of a story out of it and make it reflect on the internal pain emo teens feel and that will be conveyed through the colour of the scene and the editing pace.
I also decided to add some lyrics to the video because I want it to be seen as a message to the audience and the lyrics will be written on a small paper. I'm doing this to reference Amanda Todd whose story of bully and suicide was told on youtube using words written on small paper.
I will make sure that they will be held by different people and hand written, it being hand written is a vital part to the reference.
I will also film one on the table not being held by anyone to signify "message not heard'.